App Privacy Policy

We do not collect any personal data in our apps at all.

We do not send any data from the app to anywhere else.

Inside the 'Parent Mode' options, there may be a link for the full version of an app purely for your convenience. This will just open the store page for the full version of the app, and does not include any personal data.


Web Site Privacy Policy

We do not use cookies, or collect any personal information through our website. If you choose to contact us through the web form, then you need to give us an email address if you wish to receive a reply.

We do keep basic logs which will include IP address and the name of your web browser. This does not include any personal information, and is only used to help us maintain this website.

We will never share any of this information with any third party unless we are legally obligated to do so, and we will happily delete all stored correspondence on request.

We do provide links to chosen external sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites have their own privacy policies, so please check with them.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.